Letters to My Beloved

Dear Baking Soda,

It’s been difficult to get time away for just the two of us lately, but yesterday we managed to steal 5 hours. It was still warm but I made you bring your coat. We took the train into the city. You convinced me to spent time giving love to the dogs at the animal shelter, even though it usually makes me sad; I just hate seeing them all locked up and isolated. I love the kindness you have in your heart to want to do it, so I go to soak in these moments with you. I want a dog. I think it would help ease that longing for another baby. In all honesty, it’s just the pregnancy and infancy stages I miss so much, but we all know children grown and we are both worn out from our lot. Yes, a dog would be nice, but our goals of traveling the world would make dog ownership a little more difficult too, so for now, we just go to the shelter and love on all the homeless furbabies.

We shared one of the best blueberry muffins I’ve ever eaten, browsed the Homegoods and your commentary on the products made me laugh. Your thorough search of Hanukkah items also made me laugh. Our new favorite sushi restaurant opened at 5 so we walked back over and made conversation with the staff. I love hearing you speak Japanese; I know it’s not a romance language, but baby, when it comes from your lips, it is.

You used to get so flustered when I’d ask you to speak to me in “your language”. You used

I dunno, you were smiling because of the Kirin!
to tell me that Japanese didn’t have the emotional words that you wanted to convey to me. You would get slightly irritated when I’d ask you to repeat your words and phrases three times for me to memorize correctly. This year, you finally saw that I was serious about learning and our lessons seemed to finally pay off when the ladies at the restaurant told you I sounded like a natural speaker (no American accent) when I spoke to them. Your posture straightened as you turned your broad smile to me. I was proud of myself too. I am learning your native tongue as a show of respect and so that I may be of use to your family when we go visit. I still have a long way to go until I’m fluent, so keep teaching me!

We have less than 6 days until our babies spend Christmas with their other sets of parents. As much as I will miss them, I am so looking forward to our two weeks of adventuring alone together. You’re my best friend, the best travel companion, and I couldn’t pick anyone better to share my birthday, New Years kiss, and a “cuddle-in-the-snow” adventure with.
Speaking of adventure, I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the one you gave me last night. You held me on to me on the metro so I didn’t have to hold the rail. You kissed me and laughed heartily, as if we were new lovers. I hear so many women complain that their relationships lack romance, but you have never let these home fires burn out. You told me the other day that you were scared I’d get bored with you. The abuse and neglect you’ve received in your past relationships makes it difficult for you to believe, but one day you’re going to see yourself through my eyes and you’re going to truly understand how incredible you are and how I could never be bored with you.

Because I am the sole recipient of your love,
Because I am your twin flame,
Because I have found you in this life,
I am the luckiest.

Your Vinegar. img_3727