Good God, You’re Beautiful!

I am ending this year strong. I have an incredible marriage, vibrant children who have the courage to be themselves, I slay my workouts, and all my goals are being accomplished. Yay me!

BUT, I have one more goal that I just set today that may be the hardest one yet.

I live in Southern California where it seems that all the women are young, fit, trendy and beautiful. I stand naked in front of the mirror and nitpick my flaws so much that I have a hard time believing my husband when he tells me how physically beautiful I am. I would never do this to anyone else, why do I do it to myself? Apparently this is a common thing for my gender and this has to stop.

As I head into the new year, I head into a new chapter of my career and a new self-care routine. I’m planning more reflective time to keep my cup full which means more yoga, more walks in the woods, more journaling, less coffee and more water & green tea, more dates with myself, and being less critical of my reflection. I am worth it. Every single one of us is worthy of love, and it all starts from within.

This year, I wish us true acceptance of self and the joy that stems from it.





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