The Case of the Dropsy Dame

I ventured out to my local grocery store last night and forgot my reusable bags. I wasn’t about to pay 10¢ for another one as I didn’t have much. I carefully cradled my produce and flowers in my arms yet somehow, on my way back to the truck, my clutch slipped out, unnoticed.
When I couldn’t find it a few hours later, I simply chalked it up to being misplaced in my home. But at 4am when I got up to go to the gym, I became irritable. I drove without my license to go hunt down my license (and money). Low and behold… the store didn’t open until 6. Crap. That put a damper on my plans, I need my key card or id to get into my gym, I have errands to run, my tank is on empty (don’t give me that look J), I have to have my id to get on base and for the mortgage refinance meeting today…

I went home, I called my grocery store and the lady who answered told me to call again around 8 because all found items go in the safe and they only have access to it after that time. I determined to make the most of my morning, even if I couldn’t make it to the gym, and I did.

It was soon time to drop the kids off at school. I locked my door only to find I had locked my truck keys in the house, the windows were all closed and locked (because of the torrential downpour we are experiencing (and you know… safety) and I didn’t have a credit card to try to shimmy my lock open. My son remembered he had a spare, but when we arrived at his school, he realized he had forgotten his helmet so he couldn’t ride his bike home. I stopped back at my store and described my clutch to the manager. She smiled thoughtfully and went back in the office. She didn’t let me wait long before saying that she knew it was mine because she recognized my face from the id that was inside. My cards were all inside and I am sending a big, fat karma kiss out into the universe for whomever the Good Samaritan was that turned it in.

Hiccups do not have to define your day, regardless, I certainly hope you won’t have any like mine. Happy Friday!


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