Being There

My youngest, “Ms. Sassypants” isn’t always thrilled about the morning photo.

My morning ritual with my babies is my favorite part of the day. I take a photo of them each morning before we load up in the car. I dedicate the first part of the morning commute to my daughters. We talk about anything they want.

They are silly, full of energy and they try to convince me to let them drive. Usually my youngest will call out each and every turn I need to make. They are factual and precise. I don’t always fully appreciate that my children have an opinion on… EVERYTHING, but I try to remember that this just comes with the territory of raising independent thinkers and they are developing their leadership skills.

After my daughters are dropped off, I take my son out to coffee (once a week that includes breakfast). This is our uninterrupted time together. we talk about his interests, we talk about peer pressure, we have open conversations about urges, dating, stories he loves, politics, his teachers, religions; everything. He is insightful, nerdy, witty, decisive. I get to see through to the young man he is developing into, and I am proud of the set of ethics that he holds dear to him.

My son’s candid smile melts my heart. 

They don’t care how successful I am. They don’t care what I can achieve each day. They don’t care about what I can’ afford to buy them. All these kids care about is that I show up. They know I will be there volunteering in their classrooms, checking in with their teachers, being on their tails to make sure they get their homework and chores done, listening to them talk about their days at the dinner table every night, watching their performances, helping them do their hair and make bows with them, and taking time to watch game creations; all they care about is that I am there, paying attention.

I most certainly am.20160525_073940


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