The Stig Sisters-Dress Wacky Day
StigKidC-Wear White (to white out drugs)

OTHERWISE KNOWN AS… Monday and mom forgot. The kids actually dressed in perfectly matching clothes, which is wacky for them… and TOTALLY COUNTS, but I didn’t get a picture of it because we were running late.

The Stig Sisters- Superhero’s Day
StigKidC- Wear Your Sunglasses (too bright for drugs)

Ava had a field trip to the fire station and was… “SUPER” excited to see some real heroes on superhero day. Grace, well… Grace asked if she could be a villain instead. Chris couldn’t see his sunglasses on his desk so now I’m more concerned with getting him regular glasses, but somehow, I don’t think that will fix his selective vision.img_0952

The Stig Sisters-Hat Day
StigKidC- Mismatched Clothes (drugs are no match for us)

The girls had a sleepover with their friends because I wanted to give their mother a break who had just had surgery. They didn’t bring hat with them choose hats out of my personal collection and my prop box. Gracie wore my snapback, which was just too cute with her boots that she’s obsessed with. Ava got extra credit for wear both a hat AND mismatched clothes. Everyday is pretty much mismatched clothes day for Chris because he has yet to develop an interest in fashion. I’ve given up on influencing my son’s fashion. So long as his clothes are clean, I don’t care what he wears.img_0975

The Stig Sisters- Sports Jersey Day
StigKidC- Dress as a Nerd (too smart for drugs)

This one was a challenge, as we don’t follow sports teams and certainly don’t have any jerseys.. but Chris saved the day by getting out one of his old jerseys and I convinced Grace that my kickball shirt could pass as a jersey. I sent off the daily photos to their dads and they both instantly replied that Chris looked like himself. It is 100% true, but he usually wears shorter socks. #dadjokes #MyKidIsTotallyANerdimg_0993

The Stig Sisters- Crazy Hair Day
StigKidC-Dress as a Superhero (too super for drugs)… (seriously? I thought we already did this!)

My hubby and I both woke up late (seriously, twice in one week?) but I knew I had to finish the week strong. Chris threw on a cape. It was his sister’s purple cape, but he rocked that s***! They had happened upon the upcoming TROLLS movie trailer and both requested “troll” hair. I teased, hair sprayed, and pinned the girls’ tresses into coiffed, shapeless bouffant. I didn’t have time to color their hair, so we added flowers instead.

I was pretty proud of my handiwork until I saw one to the single dads at our school, walking his daughter in with her hair formed into a perfectly spiraled unicorn horn and pony tail, that was sprayed purple and dusted with sparkles. Kudos dad!



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