Best. Weekend. EVER!

Last weekend was the first kid free weekend Justin and I have had in a very long time. My ex-husband moved back to California and we arranged to have his weekend visitation align with Justin’s ex’s weekends, leaving us KID FREE every other weekend. Wooohoooo!!!

It all started with a beautiful sunset while driving up to Oceanside for our friend’s BBQ and adult pool party.20160819_192752

We partook in a little alcohol consumption (including one of my favorites, Mamamango Moscato) so of course we were responsible and stayed in their guest room. We woke up and our fabulous hostess made us amazing omelettes (girl can cook)!

5bd83af4be00e52b810812931233f778We then discussed our plans for the day and decided to go make a day out of “good eats”.

First stop, The lighthouse.



We sat up at the bar and ordered their grilled fish tacos (no sauce) and white clam chowder.

Umm… YES. it was delicious.

Our friends had to take off for a little bit so J and I decided to get dessert over at our favorite Italian family restaurant, Dominic’s. Okay, I may be a little biased as the Trupiano family are friends of mine, but honestly, their food is top notch! J and I sat at a little back table, ordered their crème brûlée, got a fabulous wine pairing, and fed one another as everything else in the world melted away.

We had made arrangements to meet back up with our friends at Love Boat Sushi, where I learned that I am finally starting to understand some basic  words in Japanese and J pointed out the errors on the menu where the wrong words were used. I don’t know if he was right, but I took his word for it since he is Japanese and works as a translator when the Japanese Marines come here to train.Sashimi Copyright: Fiskeriforskning

Still full from our fish tacos, I ordered 4 pieces of salmon nigiri and water with lemon (my usual drink), which has been my go to order lately. It was just the right amount.

We headed South as a group to the Fish Market restaurant in Del Mar for oysters in the half shell. This was amusing as it was J’s first time eating raw oysters. I mentioned that oysters are thought to be an aphrodisiac and humorously mused that it’s probably because they have the consistency of semen. For some reason, this didn’t get his excited to try them, but he had already committed to the experience and he couldn’t back out.
the fish marketOur dear friend, and J’s fellow “Asian Persuasion”had pity on him and fixed up the oysters with fresh horseradish and sriracha, resulting in  J’s (recorded) reaction being less dramatic than I had hoped as he actually enjoyed it.

I had to go home to change and then we were off again to The House of Blues. J had arranged for tickets to see some awesome tribute bands, White Elephant (White Stripes), These Killers (The Killers), and the headliner, Green Today (Green Day). Green Today was high energy and perfectly emulated the sound, look, and stage presence of Green Day. Our Lovely lady friend pulled some strings and got us VIP seating, which was pretty awesome!

The night was drawing to a close. We said goodnight to our friends and headed to our ocean front hotel in neighboring Point Loma. The beds were incredibly comfortable and sometime later J and I were drifting to sleep in each other’s arms, listening to the sound of the ocean waves spilling over the rocks a few steps from our patio.

Sunday morning we woke up, sat peacefully beside one another on the beach boulders, built cairns, headed back to our room, then headed out to spend the day at Seaworld, riding every ride and taking full advantage of our all day dining passes. J also surprised me with a beautiful oyster shucking experience. I had him pick the oyster and the pearl inside happened to be silver, which according to the color chart, is symbolic of love; how serendipitous.

It was the perfect combination of socialization, craziness, excitement, and relaxation beside the love of my life. I am looking forward to this newfound time together and many more adventure dates. Next stop: Las Vegas!


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